Web 2.0 Storytelling in Education Workshop: Steinbeck Fans

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Use this wiki page for your group notes and links as you work on activities.

Group Members:

Include first name last initial, link to twitter account, and anything special you feel like including...
  • Nick Noakes
  • Tom Haymes
  • Phil Long

Intro Exercise VoiceThread Places

From the Mystery Places- which one did you choose? Why? How did you annotate? If you are elver, you may link, embed, etd!

Wiki Exercise:

What is NOT a story? Why?
- Steinbeck Fans - random words

What else would you add to your story place as a description or a lead in to what else might happen next?

Visuals for Storytelling

What other CC licensed media did you find? What tool(s) did you use? Now that you have more media for your story, what happens next?

Thoreau in the desert

I retired to this house to contemplate the nature of the universe. Tomorrow I set up my satellite dish. I have tuned it to Scola so that I can Twitter in multiple languages. I've had enough of talking to the sheep. Especially since they started talking back - in Mandarin.
© 2007 Tom Haymes
© 2007 Tom Haymes

external image 3440978820_cf8c782674.jpg
When the Twitter sheep stopped swarming, I discovered the bridge deserted and leading to nowhere.

external image 2561462504_c371af47cd.jpg

Character Voicing

Formulate your main character. Describe traits, physical description, influences, etc. Include lunks to twitter narrative or an xtranormal video of a treatment.

Finishing Your Story

What was the ending your group drew? How will you reach it?