Web 2.0 Story Creation Tools

The development of a good story always takes place first (see the Center for Digital Story Tellling Cookbook) but when you are ready to create it, here are some of the Web 2.0 tools available (and please add more that are missing or comments about ones you have used).

We are primarily focused on the ones that are completely web based.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons photo Tools by Thomas Hawk

50+ Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story

This is a workshop/presentation created by Alan Levine in 2007 (and refined since, now up to 62) as an exploration of the wide variety of free, web-based multimedia creation tools.

Five Card Flickr

This quasi experimental web site was designed by Alan Levine to foster visual thinking. It is based completely, or more loosely... copied, from the Five Card Nancy game devised by comics guru Scott McCloud and the nifty web version at 741.5 Comics. However, rather than drawing from a hand of randomly chosen panels of the nancy comic, my version draws upon collections of photos. You are dealt five random photos for each draw, and your task is to select one each time to add to a selextion of images, that taken together as a final set of 5 images- tell a story in pictures. When you are done, you the option to save the story so you can put a link in your resume or send to your Mom (she pay print it out and tape it to the fridge, or she may criticize your creativity, your mileage and mom may vary).

Robin Good / Presentation News Archive

This site regularly publishes comprehensive reviews of web-based media creatio and publishing tools

Web Content Tools

Many of the general Web 2.0 content tools are useful as vehicles for creating/publishing Web 2.0 stories- the ones we list below are free services
Photo Sharing
Video Sharing

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