Web 2.0 Storytelling in Education Workshop

Web 2.0 storytelling is the practice of using social media to tell and share stories. This session explores the growing number of examples in a wide variety of platforms, from blogs to twitter to YouTube and much more. The presenters will focus on educational applications and issues, and attendees will have an opportunity to experiment with some of the tools.

This workshop will cover a lot of ground and we intend to provide yo a firehose of resources, more than we dare think we can achieve. You will be working in groups and individually creating media using a variety of desktop and web-based tools.

What You Will Need Before You Show Up

Tweeting About web2storytelling

This messages come from all twitter messages containing our "hash" tag of #web2storytelling.

    Tentative agenda

    1 pm - Introductions

    1. Participants - A few intros in person, we invite... er... implore everyone to send a 140 charcter greeting via twitter (and use the #web2storytelling tag)
    2. Meet Facilitators Bryan Alexander ( and & Alan Levine ( and
    3. Let's talk about Web 2.0 Stoytelling - see our EDUCAUSE Review paper at
    4. Bryan's Introduction
    5. 50+ Web 2,0 Ways to Tell a Story
    6. Infocult blog entries:
    7. Form groups, select group name from below, draft a group "scribe" (these group names were chosen for first iteration of this workshop at the 2009 NMC Summer Conference in Monterey, CA)

    1:45 - 3:15 - Platform and media exercises
    Setting/wiki exercises
    1. -[prompt] what is not a story? (wiki)
    2. -[prompt] Describe more full the setting based on your selection from the VoiceThread exercise (use your group wiki page)
    3. Swap group exercise (groups build on the work of another group)

    Multimedia intro exercise
    • Using Voicethread- log in to Voice Thread. Pick one image from the Mystery Places collection we built and add onto any of the images by thinkiing what may happen in these places. Use the voice, video, text commenting as well as the markup tools.

    Visuals for storytelling

    Character Voicing - develop the persona of your characters
    1. Check out a blog storytelling example, and see how it serves a narrative function (one list to use)
    2. Voice a character, choosing one of these platforms:
    • Generate dialog in Twitter (use the #web2storytelling hash tag)
    • Try developing a character in Xtranormal - a movie making web tool where characters you select can be put onto sets, and then dialog added just by typing text
      • Use the character tools to design the avatar appearance.
      • Select a set to place them in
      • Create a few frames with different angles
      • Type in what the character might say as dialogue to describe themself.
      • Publish the movie in Xtranormal and/or to YouTube. Demo version

    Video exploration
    -intro: Animoto
    -independent platform choice (Jaycut)
    -require samples from our flickr group pool (and feel free to contribute!)
    Voiceover exercise

    Sense of an ending exercise
    • [prompt]: we hand out cards, and they have to get there.

    3:15 - 4:00 Back to your projects
    (peer optional)

    Image Creative Commons licensed flickr photos modified with Photo Notes generator. Photo credit Hyperwerk 033 Lenny Laser cut by watz.

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